So glad I’m done dealing with that shit haha good luck!

How about you use your computer prowess and hack into the system and fix this for me? Yeah? I’ll make you s’moreos in return. Basically your choice of oreo with toasted marshmallow and chocolate in between. I’ll even sweeten the deal by making them Bailey’s or Kahlua dipped toasted marshmallows. 

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bravodelta9 replied to your post“-___- can you not online registration system? A summary of yesterdays torture.”
That sounds familiar…
Dude you don’t even know the half of it. After my advising appointment I looked at all the time slots and stuff and a few of the classes my advisor said I should take are offered at the same time. Either choose Math 431 and the seminar or choose CEE 198. Obviously choose CEE 198 because you take it at the same time as CEE 110/L. 
I just want this shit taken care of so I can move on with my life.
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i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

is this a mini McDonald’s

wtf did I just watched

lmao omg my little sister be watching these like gurl you better get out with these fake chinese burgers 


What is going on in Asia?!

Lol bravodelta9 due that shit is called Poppin Cookin. It’s fuckin weird but kind of cool. I’ve done a few with my friend. We made an ice cream one and one that was like supposed to be a fried chicken bento with egg, noodles, broccoli, and rice balls.

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-___- can you not online registration system? A summary of yesterdays torture.

I can’t get into CEE 110/L because it lists Eng 101 and CEE 198 as a core-requisite. I’ve taken eng 101 already as a transfer student and I’m enrolled into CEE 198 but it says I can’t take CEE 110/L because I don’t meet the requisites. fjkdlajf;la 

I can’t get into EGG 307 (ethics for engineers or something like that) because it says I’m not accepted into the civil engineering major? WTF YES I AM. 

I hate college.

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A villain must be a thing of power, handled with delicacy and grace. He must be wicked enough to excite our aversion, strong enoug h to arouse our fear, human enough to awaken some transient gleam of sympathy. We must triumph in his downfall, yet not barbarously nor with contempt, and the close of his career must be in harmony with all its previous development.

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no mamen que hermosooooo dios!

What in the ever loving fuck. This is awesome.

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is there like financial aid for concert tickets

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YAAAS :3 almost done with 1st EDCLV outfit as a Dark Robin Hood concept. Thank you Choked Out for the inspiration based on the hood.

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