About to hit up the buffet with my madre.

My time has come to load up.

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i saw this on one of those strange little picture slideshow websites so i decided to post it ;) have fun kids

I have found heaven and it’s full of liquor

I want to go to there

My liver died today….it was awesome

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Everyone should meet my girlfriend. Jk. Erikah is my lovely coworker.

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I think Apple’s telling me to bottom more often


I think Apple’s telling me to bottom more often

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30 day coloring challenge: Create a color porn coloring

admittedly driving the Mako was my least favorite part of ME. Only cause it was quite tedious trying to find all the spots to mine and stuff.

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Disney/Avatar Mashup 2

Belle and the Mystical Library

Prince Eric and Ariel of the Water Tribe

Firebender Esmeralda 

Waterbender Elsa 

Merida Of The Freedom Fighters 

Jessica Rabbit as Asami Sato 

Fire Ferrets(Kida as Korra. Li Shang as Mako. Flynn Rider as Bolin.) 

Ursula, Blood Bending Sea Witch

Jafar, Head Of The Dai Li

Fire Lord Maleficent

Source http://racookie3.deviantart.com/gallery/2945035/Disney


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No matter how much you spend in my store that comment you made about my clients is just in bad taste.

Right before I left work yesterday a woman and her grandson come in. Nice lady really, she is conversing with me about my life and her grandson’s life. Me and my store manager are helping her get new school clothes for her grandson. A little bit later I have a regular family come by. This family honestly is one of the best families I’ve ever come across. They’re good people, they’re always excited to talk to us and visit. The father, Dimitri (I don’t know how to actually spell his name so that spelling will have to do.) is an engineer and he actually talks to me about school and stuff so he knows what I’m going through. The mother  who’s name is Maria is very nice, always very interested in what you have to say. Now the son, his name is Stephano, and he is the most well behaved kid you’d ever meet. First met him about a year and a half ago when he came in with his father looking at watches. He knew about brands and the structure of watches. Shit he knew more than I did. Also should know the kid is about 11 or so.

Now while I’m helping each of them out the woman from the other family is talking to me while I’m looking for something for Stephano. She tells me, “I worry for that boy, he might not grow up to be a man.” My thinking was she was talking about her grandson but then it clicked that she was talking about Stephano. This small little comment threw me off. Who is she to say how their son will turn out? To be honest this kid will probably be her grandson’s boss someday. He’s a smart kid and gets really good grade from what his parents tell me. She lost my respect at that point.

I may be gay myself but that doesn’t make me any less of a man. If anything having to deal with people who have the same way of thinking makes me even more of a man. I still have a penis don’t I? 

But it’s the snide comments like that which really annoy me. My only response to her (as she is a client) is that, “I don’t think so, Stephano is a really good kid and his parents are very supportive of him.” I walked away right after that. She didn’t talk to me after that. I don’t care that she probably spent like $500 on her grandson. You don’t offend people who I generally think are good people.

It’s not just these comments of nature towards certain people that annoy me. Sometimes I get men coming through my store who say this exact sentence after I greet them, “Do you have any clothes for straight men?” Now the polite thing to say, which I do, is “Of course, we have clothes for all types of people.” In reality I want to say is “No, we only have clothes for people who aren’t assholes.” My old store manager, Maria would say that we have clothes for the trendy and fashion forward. Now my friend Greg, who also used to be my manager would have just said “No” and walked away. He’s also gay and is equally just as offended by comments like that. Our Visual manager Jose is a straight man and in his words, “I’m straight but I hate straight guys.” He’s finds people like this to be in bad taste. Retail is just like the food service industry, offend us and we spit in your food. In our case, offend us and we don’t want to sell to you. 

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Over 10k notes of bravodelta9 umm for lack of a better term, wiggling his thing in tiedyeundies

Over 10k notes of bravodelta9 umm for lack of a better term, wiggling his thing in tiedyeundies

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