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Closest underwear I had to American flag esque. Yay for douchey pose but I’m off to work! Happy July 4th.

07.04.14 ♥ 4

So this happened this morning before work.

05.10.14 ♥ 10

Fuck yuuuus.

04.15.14 ♥ 5

Happy now @jennifer_marino @_jes_sica9? Christmas gifts officially worn. Lol hope it doesn’t get flagged hahaha. #me #self #underwear #merp #gay #instagay

03.09.14 ♥ 5

It’s the Super Bowl right? Why not wear your football jock haha

02.02.14 ♥ 9

See? Batman!!!

01.29.14 ♥ 4

Hahaha just because I can. And Jesus I love these AC’s I just got. Yup that’s my bum.

01.19.14 ♥ 5

I swear I didn’t plan the color coordination. @andrewchristianintl #underwear #andrewchristian #undies #ohgod.

01.18.14 ♥ 0

I’m only expanding my underwear collection by 3 pairs.

Can’t blame me when Andrew Christian products are 25% off with the code. :D

01.12.14 ♥ 1

Dang. Maybe my friends were right when they said I had A LOT of underwear. #underwear #laundry #andrewchristian #americaneagle #armaniexchange #woops

01.03.14 ♥ 1